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CA89 Home Product Highlight: Alpaca Threadz

Alpaca Wool Blanket - Western

One of the things we love most about running a home store is discovering amazing products with a captivating, unique story. Alpaca Threadz continues to be one of those products for us. Handmade in Ecuador by local artisans, this ultra-soft blanket made with blended Alpaca wool, is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Each blanket features one of a kind and vibrant designs, adding beauty and color to every situation. Can be used as a throw to fit a Queen sized bed, and are the perfect camp, picnic, or all purpose blanket made for any adventure.


Alpaca Wool Blanket - Midnight Blue

A Look Into Alpaca Threadz

Alpaca Threadz all started with the idea to support local Andean cultures during the 2020 pandemic that swept the globe. LeAnn and Brandon, also the owners of an adventure travel company, Flashpacker Connect, were forced to put their thriving travel business on hold in March of 2020. Their energy shifted to finding a way to support the neighborhoods and communities they had fallen in love with that were also impacted by the shutdown of tourism, the main source of income for these textile communities in Peru and Ecuador. From this, the indigenous, hand-crafted company Alpaca Threadz was born.

“Today, the meticulously-designed blankets woven by members of the Quechuan people are sold all over the world, the product of a tradition that dates back thousands of years. For generations, farms built at high altitudes have created mutually beneficial relationships between the alpaca, by way of their wool, and the Quechuan, whose expansive farms provide the alpaca with care and protection from predators.”*

Alpaca Threadz is a fair trade and ethical company seeking to support Andean Artisan communities who handcraft alpaca wool blankets, clothing, and accessories in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru. They bridge clients & retailers around the world interested in connecting with and creating social progress for these indigenous people. Through this relationship, Alpaca Threadz aims to support this amazing culture and preserve the production of these textiles and the tradition of utilizing the highest-grade fibers on the planet that can only come from Alpacas.

Check out our full line of blankets and in turn, support Andean communities in the process.





                Alpaca Wool Blanket - MountainAlpaca Wool Blanket - Black Chakana


*Under the Stars or on the Couch, Get Cozy with These Alpaca Wool Blankets -

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