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Aromatherapy Room Spray

Our Aromatherapy Room Sprays give you instant room fresh gratification in your home or office! 
Whether you’re looking for pick-me-up, slow down, room tone setting, or odor control our Aromatherapy Room Sprays are they way to go! 

Material:  Each Aromatherapy Room Spray is hand blended and perfectly scented. A little will go a long way! Non-Toxic Essential Infused Fragrance Oils (Scent Lasting Power)
- Witch Hazel (Helps Retain Scent in Room Longer)
- Distilled Water (Protects Integrity of Spray for Long Lasting use)
- Reusable Black Fine Mist Spray Bottle (Protects from UVA/UVB Breakdown}

California 89:  Moss, Citrus, Sage & Amber

Lake Tahoe Cabin:  Pine, Fir Balsam, Orange Peel & Cinammon

Desolation Wilderness:  Cherry, Amber, Fressia & Vanilla

Emerald Bay:  Lemongrass, Lavender, Jasmine & Lime Blossoms

Olympic Valley:  Apple, Peach, Lemon & Cherry Blossoms

Sugar Pine Point:  Grapefruit, Rhurbarb, Apple & Mandarin

Dimensions:  Net weight 8 Ounces


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