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Love to Eat Cookbook

A balanced relationship with your food is within reach – you too can find freedom to eat the foods you love, without guilt, and to live your damn life once and for all.

In Love to Eat, Nicole Keshishian Modic will teach you how to listen to your body’s cues around food, discover a more flexible relationship to your diet, and nourish your body with real, whole-foods recipes that celebrate flavor.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Nicole was surrounded by society’s complicated views on women’s bodies and countless diet crazes, but her Armenian father instilled his deep passion for food and flavor within her. Years of quietly suffering from an eating disorder led Nicole Keshishian Modic to find healing in the most unlikely place for her at the time—the kitchen—as she turned former binge-foods into healthy but indulgent standards on her wildly popular blog, KaleJunkie.

This inspirational cookbook is filled with recipes and inspirational stories to keep you feeling satisfied in body and mind.  Nicole also shares her philosophy on what food freedom and intuitive eating truly mean (spoiler: neither is about restrictive dieting!) and advice on how to carry that positive attitude into other aspects of your life.

Material: Hard Cover

Dimensions: 8 x 10"


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