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Tunisian Clay Beads

Feeling lucky to source incredibly intentional and purposeful products so you too can bring them to life in your space ✨

These striking, clay beads are made exclusively for @mybloomist and have an incredible story - in traveling to Tunisia to work with the women potters of Sejnane, the clay beads are wood-fired and assembled by hand. Each one is unique and we love how the clay is marked by the fire. Hang these clay beads on the wall, coil in a bowl, or add a rustic touch to a table-scape. Available in small and large.

About Sejnania - Located in the hills of Northern Tunisia, not far from the mediterranean coastline, Sejnane is not just a town; it’s synonymous with an iconic style of pottery-making.

Material: Clay

Dimensions: 36" x 2"


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